I'm a Frontend Developer, with an altruistic and problem solving mindset. I enjoy designing and creating things that lives on the web.

I specialize in creating stunning websites and digital experiences- See my cases!


ERP Gruppen

Next.js based SPA website, which gives ERP Gruppen the capability to promote their brand and their cases for future client, using a modern and minimalistic design (using libraries like Frmaer motion and AOS).

Web App


iWeather is a PWA SPA weather web application giving you access to current weather data for any location on Earth. It is based on React.js combined with best practices to dynamically change the background based on the weather conditions.

SPA SaaS Web App

LB Fitness

LB Fitness is a free-to-use fitness platform. It contains workout plans, diet plans, blogs ans so much more, using ATH0 for authentication, and Next.js adding protected routes and alot more.

I develop the perfect blend of function and aesthetic across all digital products be it a website, store or application. By designing smooth but exciting customer journeys, your customers will be inspired and engaged with your brand. Let's make the right impression!

Lucas B. Jolibois

I'm a web developer that pays attention to details and strive for excellence in everything that I do. Let me help you achieve your goals and take your brand to the next level. Let's talk!

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